My art is a compilation of memories of my experience with nature and architecture, every image that I have seen and the textures that I’ve touched, they all come through my art in abstract form either on paper or canvas. I search for the un-expected through layering colors. Like the trace of colors of an old building wall, reminding us of its past inhabitants. I unleash my emotions through a psychological landscape. Art for me is a place where the only requirement is to be myself, it brings worthiness to the everyday struggle of life. My art is experimental and an artistic release that I use to unwind and recharge. It is a refuge that is soothing and therapeutic.
I'm a multidisciplinary artist, a native of Mexico based in Charlotte, NC  mostly self- taught, but have taken printmaking workshops  throughout the years. In 2002 my art was chosen for 'Celebrating The Legacy of Romare Bearden’ exhibition at The Mint Museum Of Art in Charlotte. I'm a former alumni artist with McColl Center for Art + Innovation. I was one of the artists at Mint Museum’s  'Arte-Poesia-Música' 2015, 'Artfields' 16', 17', & 18' in Lake City, SC, 'Arte Latino Now' 15', 16', 17' at Queens University, Charlotte, NC., 'Con A de Arte' 2017 featured artist recipient. 

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