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Lucky Day  Lino-cut (1/4)  24"x18"
Adobe Street   Lino-Cut 1/3 18x24.
The Blue Room  Lino-Cut 1/5 18x24
Where Dreams Meet Lino-Cut 3/3 24x18
Tale Of Hope  Lino-Cut 1/4 18x24
"Formations" lino-cut 1/5 18x24
Nocturno Lino-Cut 1/3 24x18
Uncircumstantial  lino-cut 1/3 20x15
Uncircumstantial lino-cut  2/3 20x15
"Catching Dreams"
The Fair
Mistaken Identity #3
Mistaken Identity # 1
Layering Memories
Down South

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